Training with the Telephone Assassin

It is true that when you have a hammer every problem looks like a nail. I have an impressively broad digital marketing skill set and the strategies I write are multi-channel, precise in audience, measurable, cost effective and they work. However they are based on training and experience that is heavily digitally specialised. Sometimes you have to stop and honesty ask the question: ‘is my approach the best approach’. Sometimes digital need to retreat to a support position and let another discipline take the vanguard.

Inspiration and Critique: Saddleback Leather

I first came across Saddleback Leather in about 2009. I was looking for design inspiration for my new blog. The old Saddleback Leather website had just won a design award and it was the start of a love affair. I subscribed to their newsletter and have followed them ever since.

The Perfect Handshake

When I was a child my Grandfather taught me how to give a good handshake. My Grandad was a bank manager back in the days when being a banker was respectable and when a local business manager made lending decisions based on his personal judgement and not upon what the computer said. He told me that a good handshake was a critical part of a first impression and that that first impression made a huge difference in whether or not he agreed to loan that person money.